For well over a decade now, well-being has been at the forefront of my life. I quickly realised how much my sense of self developed and improved after I took it upon myself to regain control over how I treated my body.

I believe there are 4 pillars in managing your health: nutrition, fitness, skin/hair care, and fundamental to all, mental wellness. Loving and respecting yourself from within will inevitably feed through to your outer self on both a physiological and emotional level.

Throughout my journey, as I’m sure with your own, life has thrown several obstacles my way. With every high follows a low and it’s a constant work in progress to not let set-backs get the better of me and take me off track.

Overtime, I’ve managed to put into place structure where I make sure I eat well-balanced meals, find time to move my body, practice a skincare routine using natural and quality products, and reminding myself to stay grounded by taking time for reflection through journaling, travel, reading and yoga.

Taking care of me and my well-being has become a lifestyle. Even when I deviate or take a break, (because that’s life), I make it my mission to bounce right back. I hope that by sharing my recipes, work-outs, beauty reviews and learnings with you, it’ll help set you on your path to leading a healthier, more balanced life.

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