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Ways to Eat More Plant-based – Vegan Mushroom Pasta Recipe

An easy vegan mushroom pasta sauce recipe for those who want to eat more plant-based.

When I was diagnosed with endometriosis, I made a conscious decision to include more plant foods in my diet. I always have vegetables on my plate, whether I’m eating meat or not. Since incorporating healthy, balanced vegan meals I feel stronger, fitter and healthier than before. These days, it’s easier to live on a plant-based diet. There is so much choice available with supermarkets full of meat-free and dairy-free options.

Vegan Pasta Ideas

I never used to be a pasta fan. I found traditional pasta heavy and unsatisfying. And then I discovered alternative versions made out of spelt and brown rice. Now, I love to experiment in the kitchen, making my own pasta sauces. I’m always on a mission to come up with quick and easy recipes involving tasty herbs and spices and of course, vegetables. Mushrooms are one of my favourite plant-based foods. A lot of mushroom pasta dishes involve cream or butter, so I decided to create a flavorsome dairy-free pasta sauce recipe which is completely vegan.

My garlic and herb mushroom sauce works perfectly well with any pasta, including gluten-free options like Doves Farm Organic Gluten Free Brown Rice Penne which I use in this recipe. It’s a great idea for your lunch, even if you meal prep, or works as delicious, light dinner option. It’s a simple vegetarian pasta dish featuring plant-based protein, making for a healthy, nutritious meal.

Cooking homemade food is so much more rewarding, so if you’re stuck on what to eat on a vegan diet, give my recipe a go!

Here’s how you make my vegan mushroom pasta sauce from scratch…

Mushroom Pasta Ingredients

Cooking oil – 2 tablespoons

Dried ground turmeric – ¼ teaspoon

Garlic – crushed

Tomato puree – 1 tablespoon

100 grams Mushrooms (any – baby, chestnut, white, button) – sliced

Thyme – ½ teaspoon

Oregano – ¼ teaspoon

Chili flakes – ¼ teaspoon

Saffron – ¼ teaspoon

1/2 cup of warm water

Tomato Passata sauce – 80 to 90 grams

Veg stock – ½ teaspoon

Salt & Pepper

Pasta (75 grams per person) – I use spelt or brown rice pasta

Homemade Pasta Sauce Recipe

  1. Heat oil in a saucepan on a low heat
  2. Add crushed garlic and allow to gently fry for 2-3 minutes (make sure it doesn’t burn)
  3. Add tomato puree followed by turmeric, frying it together with garlic for additional 5 minutes
  4. Add sliced mushrooms and stir until coated in tomato puree sauce
  5. Allow mushrooms to fry on a medium heat until softened (5-10 minutes)
  6. While mushrooms are cooking prepare your saffron: add saffron strands to cup of warm water and stir, then leave it on the side
  7. Sprinkle thyme, oregano and chili flakes and stir, leaving mushrooms to cook with herbs for 5 minutes
  8. Pour saffron water mixture, stir and bring to boil; let it simmer for an additional 5 minutes
  9. Add passata sauce and vegetable stock, season with salt & pepper and stir
  10. Leave to simmer while you boil your pasta
  11. Once pasta is cooked, remove both pots from heat, drain pasta and mix in with mushroom sauce

Serves 2-3

Nutritional Value

If like me you experience a mild wheat intolerance, fortunately there are plenty of alternative pasta options to choose from. I tend to use spelt or brown rice pasta, which are said to have higher nutritious value.

Brown Rice Pasta

Brown rice pasta provides carbohydrates, protein and fibre.

An excellent source of manganese and a good source of magnesium, thiamin, niacin, phosphorous and vitamin B6.



Mushrooms are great sources of fibre and protein.

They provide B vitamins and vitamin C.

Minerals include potassium, copper, iron and phosphorous.


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